Time Management / Payroll Software

Time Management / Payroll Software System

We offer customers JBS Time Office software (Biometric Access Control System) that are advanced, feature packed Office Time Management Systems used for processing attendance data as well as generating varies types of attendance and miss reports. It facilitates employees to record their attendance from any of several attendance recording systems where attendance can be recorded by showing smart card to any of several machines. Our Time Management / Payroll Software System having various quality for organization usage.
Ensuring automatic attendance recording the correct way, this time attendance software is designed to cater to needs of factories, offices as well as other similar establishments. It is also highly effective, even in case of factories where employees work over time that is usually beyond normal working hours. This computerised attendance machine like time attendance software also helps in calculating overtime of the employees. Further, it is also highly effective for providing calculations of attendance where personnel require to go out for sales calls, service calls, bank work,labor courts etc like OD work.


  • Convenient to use as employees can easily record attendance from any of JBS Time Office systems installed in office premises
  • Automatic recording of attendance as 'IN' and 'OUT' from any of attendance systems that reduces length of queue
  • JBS Time Office has provision to work with dedicated machines so as to record 'IN' and 'OUT' time
Duplicate Checking of Entries
Many times employees drop attendance-recording cards more than once in quick succession while marking attendance. In such cases, unlike other machines that take second punch as 'OUT,' this system is configured in a way that it ignores second punch for specified period of time like 5-10 minutes. Once time is set, machine takes only one punch out of many within that time period.
Night Shift Operation
JBS Time Office software offered by us is very effective in case of offices that work round the clock and have more than one-shift like morning and evening shifts. It also allows following punching patterns for employees in a company
  • Overtime is expected to punch 'OUT' time as all these recordings are accounted
  • If 'OUT' punch is not done, it shows 'Miss Punch' for that day
Online Reports
JBS Time Office software has special feature to send two reports; one for Late Arrival and second for Absenteeism Report automatically to HOD by mail.
Import Data
JBS Time Office software can import Employee Master Data for master feeding. This process helps in saving data entry time as well as give us a correct entry.
Reason Card
Reason card can also be used in JBS Time Office for showing reason for official as well as unofficial outdoor work. You can show reason card by two types - Reason-one is on leave and another is without leave (Example Bus Late).
Online Leave Management System
Leave Management system is web base software for JBS Time Office software. Here an employee can provide requests for his leave by his system; a HOD can approve/disapprove this leave. After approval/disapproval of leave, an employee can check his leave status.
Employee can also see his Attendance, Leave Balance etc. by this Leave Management system.
Payroll < br /> Payroll software is application software of JBS Time Office software and helps in automatically generating reports after capturing data from JBS Time Office software.
There are following types of reports generated in payroll software:
  • Salary reports
  • PF reports (Form 2, 5, 10, 11, 21, 3A, 6A, 12A & Challan etc.)
  • ESI Reports (Statement, Form 6 & Challan etc.)
  • Reimbursement reports
  • Statuary reports
  • Loan/Advance reports
  • Arrears & Bonus reports
  • Master reports
  • Piece information
  • Full & final statement, Gratuity statement, overtime statement etc.
Data Capture Software
Data capture software offered by us is a application software of JBS Time Office software where punching data is captured from machine by data capture software. With the help of data capture software, we can generate reports.
There are some special features in this software:
  • Online Data Capture: Data can be captured online in this software where data will automatically be transferred from all machines on given interval
  • Multiple Data Capture: With help of this option, data can be captured from many machines at a time
  • Online Masking: Online masking can be set by this software where masking will automatic run on given time
  • Multiple Machine Masking: Masking can be set to all machines on single click.
System Requirement for our Software
Our software can successfully run on P-III with 128 MB Ram and helps in acquiring total 20 MB of hard disk space, excluding database size. Our software can also be run on Microsoft OS which is windows 2000 or higher.
We can manage our database in MSDE 2000, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8 and all its updated version as per client's requirements. MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Engine) is a free version of SQL Server which is provide by Microsoft. There is no need to install any extra license for support database on MSDE.