Dome Camera

Dome Camera

Dome Camera is security camera system, which is very versatile, with vandal-proof, weatherproof, day/night, and various combinations. This type of camera finds application in many areas including banks, offices, airports, military, commercial establishments, casinos and other places that require high level of security.

  • Colour Camera - CCD 1 / 3" Sony
  • 420 / 480 TVL

I P Camera

IP cameras or network IP cameras stream live video via digital packets across an Internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. The benefit of network cameras is that they reside on IP networks; the video streams can then be aCCessed and stored remotely. This enables users to view and/or manage the IP cam using a standard web browser or video management software from different locations, giving businesses increased flexibility.

DVR Camera

DVR security camera systems offered by us help in managing several cameras at one time with possibility of displaying images singly or simultaneously on TV monitor or computer screen. These can also be connected to home computer that makes DVR security camera system more convenient as well as easy to use for home owners.

CCTV Camera

We offer high performing CCTV camera system, dome camera, CCTV camera, night vision ir camera which are equipped with tools to provide instant alerts at times of trouble, ensuring crime to be prevented. This is extensively used for surveillance in areas such as banks, airports, showrooms, offices and many more for monitoring the activities. Our range of CCTV cameras can be used for monitoring areas that are remote from the control room or where the environmental conditions are not comfortable for people. We are supplying CCTV camera with latest quality. Our CCTV camera, dome camera, night vision ir camera are very advanced with latest technology.